How we clean  bins

• The Cleaning Processis the same for all sizes of waste containers from the domestic size wheelie bin to the larger 1100 and steel 1280 litre commercial bins used by trade and industry.

• The bin is lifted to the wash position by a hydraulic ram. Once in place, the high-pressure jets blast the dirt and grime from inside the bin, the bin is lowered back to a standing position, and any remaining marks are removed with a hand lance. The bin is lifted again to drain any excess water back into the water recycle system, the bin is then coated with a disinfectant and a bouquet Scented Deodoriser.


• Any water used in this process is collected and recycled, minimizing the water usage.


• The SWBCC Cleaning System operates above the minimum standards that are required by the Environment Agency for England and Wales.

Environmentally Friendly

The South West Bin Cleaning Company will only use Environmentally Friendly Bio-Degradable Products when Cleaning Bins.